Meet the Edelweiss Bavarian Showband

Find out more about the top quality Oompah Musicians who make up the best Oompah Band in the UK (well they say they are!)…



Clarinet/Front Man – “Maestro Len”

Len is the Band’s legendary front man. With many years’ experience of leading the band, having performed all over the world and for royalty, Len is guaranteed to make your night one to remember! He’ll have you up joining in the games, dancing your socks off in the party numbers and singing along to all the Band’s Oompah classics!

Trumpet – “Otto Beal”

Otto is the band’s solo trumpet player. Like Len, Otto has performed all over the world including for royalty. If you ask him nicely, he’ll get his post horn out to show you! Otto is happy as long as there’s a pint in one hand and a fag in the other! He loves all German biers, so much so that he’ll try every different one available... twice!

Trombone – “JazzBone John”

John is the band’s legendary trombone player. He’s amazing at all styles of music but Oompah is his favourite and spiritual home! John will also be out amongst the audience to meet & greet and to get you joining in the games so do say hello to him. John loves to pose for photos with the ladies so grab hold of his slide and get snapping!

Sousaphone - “Oompah Impresario Andy”

Andy is the organiser & manager of the Band. In fact he manages many Oompah bands and has bands all over the world. If Andy went on Mastermind his specialist subject would be all things Oompah! There’s nothing he doesn’t know about Oompah so if you have a question then Andy’s your guy! As you can see, he’s not adverse to the odd Bratwurst or three!

Percussion – “Bontempi Dan”

Dan is the band’s amazing drummer. He’s more used to playing drums on a horse for State occasions but off the horse his second love is Oompah! Dan is often mistaken for a drum machine... much to the delight of the other players in the band!
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